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I'm looking for tech support for my online yoga biz

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I'm looking for resources for my online yoga biz

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I'm just looking around, can you show me something cool?

Of course! How about a podcast for yoga teachers, so that you can enjoy a walk?

Hi there, I'm Katie

tech support specialist

for yoga teachers

If you're reading this, that can mean two things: you skipped the adventure part above OR you couldn't make a decision.

Running a yoga business can be pretty overwhelming and yet it can still be so hard to call in the troops for help.

If you're not ready to commit to anything just yet, but you are curious about your options (which I assume you are, otherwise why are you reading this?), please know that you can always book a free connecting call with me. No strings attached, just two people chatting about running a yoga biz. 😉

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Yogi Help is one part of my business.

I also teach yoga classes. You can find my classes on my other website, Transformer Unicorn.